About the series:

The Ammonite Galaxy series is a seven-book sci-fi adventure saga set in a far-away galaxy.


The series consists of seven books: Valhai, Kwaide, Xiantha, Pictoria, The Lost Animas, The Namura Stone and The Trimorphs.


There are also two omnibus editions available, exclusive to the Kindle: Ammonite Planets, and Ammonite Stars. Ammonite planets consists of Valhai, Kwaide and Xiantha. Ammonite Stars follows on, with Pictoria and The Lost Animas. These omnibus editions are unfortunately too big to be available in paperback: The first volume is a thousand pages, and the second three-quarters of that.


The series is set in the Ammonite Galaxy, which is divided up into five quintiles, or zones, by the Sellites. Here is a rough map of the situation of some of the planets mentioned in the series:


The quintiles


The distances involved are huge. Pictoris is 30,000 light years from the binary system, and Enara is 100,000 light years from Valhai and 90,000 light years from Dessia, beyond the supermassive black hole at the centre of the galaxy.