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This is the sixth book in the series:

Six and Diva are coming to terms with family life on Xiantha, but on the other side of the galaxy storm clouds are gathering.

The Dessites have managed to reach Enara, and have proposed an alliance to conquer both Arcan and the lost animas.

Suddenly Arcan finds himself trapped on the Dessite homeworld, fighting a losing battle to survive ...

... And everything changes.


You can find out more information about the Ammonite Galaxy series, by Gillian Andrews, from:

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Kwaide (Book Two)

Xiantha (Book Three)

Pictoria (Book Four)

The Lost Animas (Book Five)

And you can contact me through the form here

The Trimorphs (Book Seven, the final book)

The binary system looks like this:


plan of system, small size for webs



At first, there was another cover available from some vendors. Now it has been withdrawn, but I liked it very much. Here is the central theme. It represents Six, in the cavern on Pictoria:

Six in the cave on Pictoria

This is one of the images I like most. It reminds me, for some reason, of Gormenghast. Don't ask me why!

The Namura Stone has a couple of surprises, which makes it hard to talk about without including spoilers. So ... I will leave it at that. Let me know what you all think!